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A Breakfast Fit for Adventure


When summer finally arrives, is there anything better than spending time outside, embarking on various adventures such as hiking and running?

To get the most out of these adventures, it is important to start your day with a meal that is filled with nutritious ingredients—and it helps when it’s delicious as well!

Looking for the perfect go-to breakfast before you head out for a day of adventuring? Look no further than this Avocado & Egg Toast. This nutritionally packed Avocado & Egg Toast can be made with any of the three Oroweat Healthfull® bread varieties: Steel Cut Oats & Honey, Nuts & Seeds, and Flax & Sunflower. With 80 calories and at least 13 grams of whole grains per slice, paired with great taste, what more could you want in a sandwich?

Avocado and Egg Toast


  • 1 cup of greens of your choice, rinsed and dried
  • 2 slices of Oroweat Healthfull® Flax & Sunflower Bread
  • 2 eggs; scrambled
  • pepper to taste
  • half an avocado, sliced

Recipe makes one sandwich

Directions Pop the Oroweat Healthfull® Flax and Sunflower bread it in the toaster while making 2 eggs scrambled. Then, wash and rinse about 1 cup of organic super greens mix and placed it on the toast. For an extra boost, slice an avocado, and split evenly amongst the two pieces of toast. Finish it off with a heaping dollop of peppered scrambled eggs.